By Alyssa Pereira

We’re fast-approaching the Spring, which for music lovers, really only means one thing: festival season is nigh.

The wealth of events we have in the Bay Area is almost overwhelming — Outside Lands, Treasure Island Music Fest, BFD, Now & Zen, Bottle Rock, and Phono Del Sol, just to name a few — but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

However, that means we all need to prepare. The best way to get through the staggering number of fests is to get organized by rounding up these seven essential items. When your first festival comes around this year, make sure you have these things on hand!

1. Earplugs

Your ears are important, and protecting them means you get to continue to enjoy hearing your favorite music. You can buy them for as little as $1, so it’s a no-brainer: take care of your ears!

2. Hidden Pouch For Stashing Money

A music festival might be a place for everyone to get along and have fun, but there are always people who may snatch your wallet or cash. Protect your belongings with one of these sneaky hideaway bags.

3. Disposable Camera

There’s no better way to relive your music fest memories than to see them on photo paper. Bring along a disposable camera to capture the best parts of the festival and take them to the photo developer the next day. You’ll absolutely get a kick out of the moments you captured on film.

4. Disposable Paper Funnel

Ladies, we’ve all been there: staring at the massive line for the portable toilets, and genuinely being unsure you will make it that long. Obviously it’s better to do your business in private, but just for peace of mind, they now make this handy little tool that basically enables you to pee anywhere you have to.

5. Extra Battery

Festivals are awesome, but they are also long. You’ll need to use your phone a lot to meet with friends, post photos, check the time, etc., and you’re going to kill your battery in the process. You can portable battery chargers for pretty cheap, so make sure you grab one before your next fest.

6. Temporary Schedule Tattoos

Unfortunately you can’t just buy these — you’ll need to get a little crafty — but it is possible to make your own temp tattoos with your personalized schedule. All you need is tattoo paper, access to a printer, a little bit of spare time and these instructions.

7. (For the daring!) Stash Flask

People are creative, especially when it comes to their drinking. Whether you’re not keen on shelling out loads of cash for brews, or you just don’t want to brave those lines, there are some ingenious ways to hide alcohol. Just remember, if you’re brave enough to attempt, don’t say we didn’t warn you: you can get kicked out of a festival for bringing in your own beverages!


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