It’s time to stuff your stocking with Rock N Roll books and here are a few of our favorites.

1) Scar Tissue by Anthony Kiedis

scar tissue Stocking Stuffers: Rock Around The Christmas Tree This Holiday Season With These Music Biographies

From the first paragraph you will not be able to put down this raw and uncensored novel about the lead singer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers lead singer, Anthony Kiedis autobiography about his consistent rock star lifestyle starting from the very beginning. Detailing about his introduction to the world of drugs in the 1960’s and 1970’s from his drug dealer father and how he emerged to be a high school badboy and eventual UCLA dropout to his detailed meeting of his fellow Red Hot Chili Pepper members and their crazy stories that encompassed their friendship to the touring days where we get an inside look at the inspiration to his insightful lyric writing process, the many female muses who have inspired him along the way as well as his struggle with drug addiction for many years. But what is perhaps the most compelling about this book is how he narrates all of his struggles through the years with a humbling sense of maturity that is immediately personified through his introduction where we are opened up to his current cause of staying sober. Again, there is not a dull paragraph or even sentence in this book. Even if you’re not a fan of the Red Hot Chili Peppers, you’ll appreciate his beautiful life and take every word of the vivid, sometimes disturbing but inspirational context of this book.


2) Heavier than Heaven: A biography of Kurt Cobain

144e082967b23223cb26fde6b3d59bc7 Stocking Stuffers: Rock Around The Christmas Tree This Holiday Season With These Music Biographies

It’s been over a decade since the devastatingly tragic death of Kurt Cobain, the wildly talented lead singer of Nirvana, who took his own life at the too young age of 27. Charlie R. Cross, a renowned music journalist, will take you on a journey through the Seattle music scene while clearly demonstrating immense empathy for the artists’ musical genius that exuded with elements of originality yet such sorrow and pain. This tale of Kurt Cobain is presented not just a simple biography but embodies elements of a disrotation, artistic canvas and diary but still keeping this read along the subjects of a rock biography. Expect knowledge derived from over four hundred interviews, four years of research, and intimate entry into the diaries, lyrics, and family photos and documentation of Cobain’s early life before Nirvana and throughout his rise of fame that made Cobain such an impactful person in rock and roll. In addition,  Cross examines events that occurred after the artists death. All in all this inside look at the brilliance and impact and tragedy of this music icon will leave you with a heavy heart, but in the best possible way.

Other Books to Consider: Journals by Kurt Cobain, Experiencing Nirvana: Grunge in Europe, 1989 by Bruce Pavitt, Grunge by Thurston Moore, Kurt Cobain: The Last Session by Jesse Frohman, Nirvana: The Complete Illustrated History Hardcover by Charles Cross


3) Modest Mouse: 1992-2010 by Pat Graham

978 1 57687 651 0 Stocking Stuffers: Rock Around The Christmas Tree This Holiday Season With These Music Biographies

If you can’t get enough of the Seattle music scene after reading Charlie R. Cross’ piece, look no further here is good news for people who love…good news! Modest Mouse has a book out by photographer and fellow friend of the band Pat Graham that documents Modest Mouses journey through his personal photos as well as many contributors to this amazingly talented bands stories from people who were involved every step of the way including band members Isaac Brock, Jeremiah Green, and Eric Judy as well as fellow indie artists such as James Mercer of the Shins and Doug Martsch from Built this Spill. So if you’re looking for an ultimate backstage pass experience without being able to attend a Modest Mouse concert, unwrap the gift of an exclusive look and a deeper introspective outlook of one of the most crucial and influential indie bands of our time.


4) Daft Punk: A Trip Inside The Pyramid by Dina Santorelli


Have you ever wondered who the men behind the mask of Daft Punk are? Well get ready to “get lucky” while author Dina Santorelli takes you on a trip around Daft Punk’s world that includes but is not limited to their voyage of becoming universal electronic music prodigies, the artists that influenced their unique style and sound as well as a montage of fun facts about the group and awesome behind the scenes pictures that documents the epicness that is their live performances.



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