By Alyssa Pereira

Whew. It was a big, busy week in the Bay Area, and we had lots of things to talk about.

To get you ready for the weekend, check out the week’s biggest stories, rounded up here just for you.

Everybody Freaking Loves Taylor Swift’s “Shake It Off”

It’s beginning to seem like no one doesn’t like Taylor Swift. From her catchy tune “Shake It Off” being used every which way for covers to her refusal to allow her music to be on Spotify because off the way it compensates artists, she seems to be everywhere. We were most excited, though, when the video in the link above came out. Even if you don’t love “Shake It Off”, you can still appreciate the brilliance that is pairing her hit song with footage of aerobics dancers from the year she was born.


Alex From Target Had No Idea About Why He Suddenly Got Famous On Twitter

Alex from Target (or #AlexFromTarget) became famous literally overnight, when a marketing company engineered his photo to go viral by recruiting teen tastemakers to retweet the photo. It was simple and straightforward, and it got Alex on “The Ellen Show”. The kicker? He had no idea how any of it happened.


Jimmy Fallon Loves Mad Bum So Much That Now He Has “Mad Bum” Underwear

When the Giants won their third World Series in five years, Madison Bumgarner turned a lot of heads. One of those heads was Jockey, who manufactured a limited edition “MAD BUM” underwear to distribute in his name at the Giants parade. When Mad went on “The Late Show” this week, he gifted a pair to Jimmy Fallon, who, well…you should just watch.


Oakland Toy Company GoldieBlox Made A Female Action Figure And It’s Badass

Oakland toy maker GoldieBlox might still be pretty new to the industry, but they’re already used to making waves. The latest one is meant to empower young women and give them an toy option outside the traditional beauty doll by way of an action figure. Her name is Goldie, she wears overalls and sneakers, and she’s got a cool video to go with her release.


Some Of Us Voted This Week Because Voting Is Important

Hey, November 4 was this week! Did you vote? Yes? ALRIGHT YOU GET A STICKER! Oh, no you didn’t? That’s not good. You should really be paying more attention to the issues that affect you! Anyway, here are the results.


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