We love football, and we love everything football-adjacent, including heaps and hoards of the worst, unhealthiest foods you can consume without immediately keeling over.

Just in time for opening weekend, we put together a list of the best worst foods you should absolutely make to compensate for all those weekends you spent not eating terrible food in the name of football.



1. Avocado Fries

Just in case you want to pretend to be healthy.


2. Deep Fried Tequila Shots

These might be the greatest things ever. The recipe involves angel food cake, and of course, tequila.


3. Fried Mac and Cheese



This counts as dinner, right?


4. Fried Honey Bananas

Ok, so these aren’t truly ‘fried’ but you only need a few ingredients to make them and OH MY GOD.


5. Hush Puppies



The classic New Orleans fried food is a keeper.


6. Fried Pickle Chips

If you like pickles, these are a MUST. Just make sure to whip up the sauce for it too.


7. Deep Fried Oreos



Sure, we’ve all heard of these being sold at county fairs, but did you know you can make them from home?


8. Fried Cheese

Sometimes the best (also worst) foods are the simplest.


9. Deep Fried Cheesecake



For those of you who don’t mind a zillion calories in every bite, here you go. While you’re at it try the Fried Ice Cream.


10. Deep Fried Ravioli on a Stick

This is weird and we love it.


11. Deep Fried Bacon Balls

Honestly this list should never end, but maybe we should cut it out here before we all die as hopeless gluttons.

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