Outside Lands is nearly here in all its overwhelming, epic glory and we can’t wait. It’s the festivus majorus of San Francisco (a phrase we just made up because everything seems more important when it sounds Latin), the gathering of fest-heads from all over the Bay and beyond, and a massive conglomeration of noise, booze, and a hell of a lot of music. It’s going to be the greatest.

But, it’s also necessary to prepare adequately. There were many changes afoot at the festival this year already, and today, SF Weekly spoke to Allen Scott, the President of Another Planet, about even more changes the fest will have this year.

Here’s what we know:

Despite the fact that some festivals are banning headdresses for being insensitive to Native Americans, Outside Lands doesn’t have a policy against them (and won’t be making one), so if you choose to wear one, you’re safe, but that doesn’t mean you’re safe from harassment. Which, speaking of harassment…

There will be video surveillance this year. So, if you’re planning on doing anything illegal, maybe just don’t.

This year introduces a GastroMagic Stage, which will feature duets of sorts, where local chefs get to play with their food alongside the festival’s musicians and comedians. Also, bacon flights.

The water stations parked around the festival grounds will have bigger tanks, which will help improve the waste diversion rate.

If you’re a fan of totems at the festival (to make it easier to find your friends), fear not—your totems are safe—but this year their size will be regulated. “[They] can be no taller than six feet, half an inch thick, and must be made of light material like swim tubes, light plastic, or balloons,” Scott says. “No wood or metal or PVC.”

It will be very, very crowded. In years past, it has gotten pretty busy, but this year sold out in record time. We’re guessing it’s going to seem like there are even more people this time around.

But fear not, the Twin Peaks stage will be getting some big ass monitors, so folks further back will be able to see close-ups of the acts like they can at the Main Stage.

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