Named after a section of a Don Delillo’s satirical post-modernist tale White Noise, it makes sense that hyper-literate indie rock outfit Airborne Toxic Event have uncompromising opinions on what they think of the current political climate, why voting is important, and how Obama will go “down historically as one of our greatest presidents.”

Although their eyes were hidden by pitch-black rock star shades, bassist Noah Harmon and frontman Mikel Jollet’s impassioned voices weighed in on issues “near-and-dear” to their hearts like the rights of Veterans to have adequate health care coverage.

The pair emphasized that is “ludicrous and offensive” for Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan to propose that we send veterans out to fight wars for America and, when they come back, to deny them access to Medicaid.

Harmon said that having Romney as president would put our country “back to the ’80s,” while Jollet isn’t afraid to express his “really strong personal political opinions” and states the public has a collective amnesia around all the positives Obama brings to office.

“Scientists think that, economists think that, historians think that, and the only people who don’t think that are the people that are on CNN or Fox,” said Jollet. “Also the people who run the…right-wing attack machine.”

Despite their obvious left-leaning point of views, Harmon said that “not being part of a representative democracy is a big loss” and that it’s important to vote no matter what.

Even if you don’t think that the “big picture” presidential election applies to you, the local measures do.

“They might make weed illegal in your town,” Harmon reasons. “Weed might actually become illegal.”

play airborne toxic1 Airborne Toxic Events Mikel Jollet On Politics: Im Disapointed The Race Is Even Close

–Nadia Noir, CBS Radio Los Angeles


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