Our 11 day stretch has come to an end. This was our longest, most tiring run of the tour, and it took us through the Midwest (Chicago, Detroit, Minneapolis), Pennsylvania, New Jersey and up through Toronto and Montreal. We had brutally hot weather with humidity (which I’m so not used to anymore, living in California!); for example, Chicago was 110 degrees. We’re currently in Buffalo, NY, where we have a show tomorrow, before we hit the east coast.

As we’re half-way through the tour now, I’m starting to see trends across the nation; mostly in fashion. The kids attending Warped Tour, who are typically between the ages of 13-18, are a very unique audience. Unlike the “hipster” vibe in North Hollywood or the Echo Park area of SoCal, these kids define the Warped summer style. If they’re not wearing Vans, they’re most likely to be wearing TOMS (every design and color under the sun), while rocking band shirts. Now that Blood On The Dance Floor has joined the tour, their shirts seem to be the most popular. An honorable mention goes out to 2011 band, A Day To Remember, for being one of the popular shirts across the country.

Even though the age range is so young, some of the clothes are very inappropriate. Some of the worst shirts I’ve seen say “Down To F**k,” “Mosh Or Get The F**k Out,” and “B*tch, I F**king Hate You!” It’s crazy to see these kids wearing these shirts. Piercings are always popular, in addition to the new trend of the Skrillex hair (some side buzzed, while the rest is regular). I will say that my favorite trend is seeing the homemade shirts, where kids design the shirts themselves and include all the bands they want to see. Reminds me of myself when I used to follow the tour!

Being a part of this tour reminds me of why I’m in the industry – I love watching the fans react and interact with their favorite bands, most of which are on this tour. Though I do feel old at times, it’s great to realize that my dream of being on the tour has finally come true.

We still have a lot of time left on the tour, and I’m very excited for what’s to come, including our service day (where the tour members volunteer to help clean a public area) on our next day off, and the “Mustachio Bashio” and “Beardo Weirdo” party, which is the theme for the annual party put on by the set-up crew. Stay tuned!

– Stacy Soquet / KROQ


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