If you haven’t heard “Anna Sun” from the indie band Walk the Moon you have missed out on one of the songs that has been heralded as one of the great tracks of Summer 2012 by everyone from Esquire Magazine and MTV to Seventeen Magazine. The Ohio based band talked with Megan Holiday before hitting the festival stage at BFD 2012 about the origin of “Anna Sun” and when they first heard themselves on the radio.

Their huge first hit is based loosely on a college professor at Kenyon College. Naming your song after a real person can be a tricky thing. But the band did get tacit permission from the actual Anna Sun.

“We emailed her to get her blessing. She wrote us back and we saw her and her husband – who is also a professor at my college Kenyon College – they’ve come to shows and hung out and stuff. I think it’s okay.”

Probably one of the most exciting moment for a recording artist is when you hear your song come on the radio for the first time. For most of Walk The Moon this happened in an LA gas station.

The band explained, “We were pulling into a gas station in LA and we were about to turn the car off. [Sings] You know that opening chord. It was like ‘Wait, Wait, Wait!'”

[Photo: Walk The Moon At BFD 2012]

Walk The Moon’s EP Anna Sun is out now with the full length self titled debut album coming June 19th. Tour dates and more at walkthemoonband.com.

Full audio:

– Bradford Hornsby, Live105/San Francisco

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  1. Charlotte says:

    Their music is so fun 🙂 Walk The Moon is basically all i’ve been listening to recently. I really like these webisodes their releasing, the guys seem really cool: http://bit.ly/KISLEz

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