The Tom DeLonge (Blink-182 guitarist and vocalist) lead supergroup Angels & Airwaves are certainly one of the hardest working bands in alternative rock. In the last few years they have released two albums (Love and Live II) with accompanying films and have plans to release more music and film in 2012 in addition to touring. Before hitting the stage at BFD 2012 the band took a few minutes to talk to No Name about their upcoming projects and more.

“We put out the movie ‘Love’ we have a couple more movies in the works. We got some animated stuff coming up that we haven’t talked to much about it. Some interesting announcements about our project ‘Strange Times.'”

Tom went on to joke, “We are going to do molds of all of our naked bodies and sell jelly versions of ourselves with all the orifices and everything. That’s new project too.”

The film ‘Love’ that Angels & Airwaves produced last year also ended up getting taken up to the International Space Station.

“The movie got taken aboard the International Space Station. They watched it and then they sent it back.”

Tom went on to say, “They were like ‘We’re already bored up here!’ You don’t need to send an Art House Sci-Fi movie to remind them. People don’t know the whole basis of the movie is a guy stuck alone and bored in space.”

Get details on Love and Love II and all of Angels & Airwaves upcoming project at

Full audio:

– Bradford Hornsby, Live105/San Francisco

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  1. fan of live 105 says:

    That was a fun interveiw. Nice work!

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