HOUSTON (CBS)Phone, keys, wallet are on the short list of things you don’t want to leave home without. But Dave Hurban, a 21-year old Dynasty Tattoo artist from Newfield, N.J., made sure his iPod would be something he’d never forget to grab.

After surfing the web and researching other outrageous piercings, Hurban decided his new lightweight iPod Nano 6 deserved a permanent place to live on his body; and he learned he’d be the first to do so.

“It feels like I’m wearing a watch,” Hurban said. “You get used to it. It’s like when you wear the same ring all the time. It can get knocked off if you bump it too hard.”

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Comments (4)
  1. Bailey Marks says:

    How the hell do you shower or swim with that thing on?

  2. friend of live 105 says:

    This guy put magnets under his skin.. that is the part that I object to, only cause it will make him sick over time.. ( that is how he got the ipod to stick).

    Would you do this? No, no I would not, just get a phone and use a clip if you need to listen to music that badly. It is a little extreme.

  3. elliot says:

    what about charging it?

  4. n8 says:

    easier to just sink some plugs into your wrist skin and fasten it to them i reckon….

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