138864681 Deadmau5 Hates On Other DJs... Again

Deadmau5 is becoming one of the most opinionated musicians in music today. It probably comes with being one of the biggest artists in electronic dance music today. His target this time is club music and how it’s killing electronic dance music. His specific target this time is club pop, which he vented in a recent NSFW Tumblr post. He talked of how collaborations with big pop stars are soulless and that he’s sick of having ”some f**king dips**t blab about lookin sexy, poppin bottles, “droppin bass”,  or ANYTHING club related”. He continues to mention how music seems to lack the feeling behind it, with the shallow view that “we should all be thinking how sexy we are and we know it, or how our hands should be contstantly up in the air”.

This isn’t the first time that deadmau5 has spewed his venom at other musical acts. Back in 2008 in the Irish Daily Star, deadmau5 went off on DJs for saying that are they are doing is “playing two songs at the same speed together” and following with that “it bores me to f**king tears and hopefully, with all due respect to the DJ type that will f**king go the way of the dinosaur”. Agree or disagree with deadmau5’s opinions? Let us know in the comments below.

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Comments (2)
  1. Bug says:

    Deadmau5 is a real artist. He gets it. He’s passionate about music… I completely agree with his rant.

  2. rick says:

    Deadmau5, though a great producer, can be a diva and he’s contradicts himself. Talks about club music but drops things like Sofi Needs A Ladder, great song but the same as other club songs really. Hates Ultra for the high cost and exclusive contracts, but has the same with Vegas. Hates people being unique and having fun (LMFAO is unique and has fun) but gets angry when people don’t realize he does the same. He should stick to making great music and stop hating on others. His personality sucks

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