pictureatlantic2 [WATCH] Picture Atlantics   Joust (New Video Part 1 of 2)

Our San Jose friends and band mates of Picture Atlantic have exclusively released to us their new two-part video and two new songs.  “Joust” is the new single off of their EP “When Everything Is Numbers” and is part one of the videos.  The second track “With One Clipped Wing” and part two of the video will be released a week from today.

Check out their Film Noir and Hitchcock themed video, and find out why the guys decided to make this a two-part video.


picture atlantic e1328985917835 [WATCH] Picture Atlantics   Joust (New Video Part 1 of 2)

This video was shot in an amazing house up in Morgan Hill, CA and also in Downtown San Jose, CA. The majority of the video though was shot inside the house, which belonged to a friend of the band and who was able to help them out since the house was owned by their grandparents.

The director Paul Aspuria is a huge movie buff and so are all of the Picture Atlantic guys with a great love for Film Noir and Hard Boiled detective Pulp, meets at the crossroads. Obviously there is a bit of a Hitchcock element to it, but the main influence was old 60’s Japanese Yakuza Ganster films, most notably Seijun Suzuki movies. The director and the guys would sit down at a local cafe and talk about different movies they were all digging in that genre, and they’d basically just bounce ideas back and forth until they started to get somewhere with it. The original story was so different from what they ended up with, but eventually it really got put through the entire brain process.

Film Antics is the production company, and it’s run primarily by their director Paul Aspuria. His work on music videos is actually not as extensive as his work on film itself, but he’s done music videos with Tin Parade, The London, Silent Envy, and Lovers Drug. “Overall his work is really top notch artistically and technically, and without sounding bias, I think he is probably one of the most deserving people for a big break in the Bay Area right now. His eye and vision are really immense, and he has an amazingly creative mind with a very DIY punk film approach.”

The characters are basically Picture Atlantic’s stereotypical Noir archetypes. You have the unsuspecting gentleman who gets sucked into a devious scheme, the hard edged toughs, and of course your Femme Fatale. The band picked these characters because they were the most easily recognizable, and they had thought at some level Film Noir had fallen out in popularity so they wanted people to hop into the video right away. The last big Noir movie to come out was Sin City, but that was a giant pull away from your classic Jimmy Stewart mystery film.

The video was never intended to be a two parter at all. When they originally talked about the video they definitely wanted it to have thematic elements, and be essentially a film of sorts, so they filmed quite a bit of footage. “The first song is very short though, and we ended up with way more footage than we needed. Our director called us and said… How about we do two songs? Why not? I like the idea that it’s a bit episodic, and also longer in terms of story. It was pure chance we decided on that, but I think it was also much more fun to do in that format.”

Picture Atlantic will be playing a FREE show for Noise Pop Festival 2012 on February 22nd @ Benders Bar , and will headline Slims SF on March 29th.

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