What are the ten most tattooed cities in America?  Find out where San Francisco ranks on the list!

10: Los Angeles, CA

Home of major celebrities and Kat Von D’s LA Ink tattoo shop, Los Angeles CA comes in at number 10 on the list from MSNBC.

No. 9: Kansas City, Mo.

Coming in at number nine on the list according to MSNBC, Kansas City, Mo. has about six tattoo shops per 100,000 people.  Also, a tattoo friendly place to live in the midwest. 

No. 8: Honolulu, Hawaii

Known mostly for its gorgeous beaches Honolulu, Hawaii comes in at number eight.  Honolulu, Hawaii has major roots in the tattoo culture.  If you are looking to get some tribal done, Honolulu, Hawaii is the place for you.

No. 7: San Francisco, CA

Coming in 7th is our home town of San Francisco, CA.  According to MSNBC, San Francisco has seven tattoo parlors per 100,000 people.  That doesn’t include nearby Oakland and college town Berkeley.  San Francisco still ranks super high on our list. 

6: Austin, TX

Austin TX, also known as “Live Music Capital of the World” is visited by “hip”, “artsy” tattooed people from all over, at least once a year for the South by Southwest (SXSW) festival.  Not only is SXSW a major part of the city of Austin, they also come in at number 6 on our list of most tattooed cities.

No. 5: Portland, OR

Portland is a lot like Austin in a way.  Lots of young, hip and tattooed people living in this city.  Not only does Portland come in at number five on our list but Portland is considered by “Popular Science” to be the country’s “Greenest” city.

No. 4: Flint, Mich.

The only thing I knew about Flint Michigan prior to day was Flint is the birthplace of General Motors.  One might also think Detroit would make it over Flint due to artist like Eminem and Kid Rock sporting Detroit tattoos, but no… its Flint.

No. 3: Richmond, Va.

Probably the most shocking on the list is Richmond, Va.  Actually Richmond, Va. has a really big art scene and lots of college towns.  The city of Richmond, Va., averages about 14.5 tattoo shops per 100,000 people.

No. 2: Las Vegas, Nev.

The ridiculous saying, “what happens in Vegas, stays there” does not work for STD’s, Marriage or INK.  The second most inked up city in America would have to be Sin City.  

No. 1: Miami Beach, Fla.

And finally, Miami Beach comes in at number 1.  Home to TLC’s “Miami Ink” and the famous South Beach.  According to MSNBC, the party town has a tons of tattoo shops to go around. Averaging about 24 shops per 100,000 people, Miami Beach rolls deep with its tattooed community.


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