Yesterday afternoon, Mythbusters launched a cannonball that crashed through a Dublin house and landed in the family’s minivan. What went wrong?!

The Mythbusters crew set up giant containers of water against a wall at the Alameda County Sheriff’s Department bomb disposal range to stop the flying projectile. But, as the SF Chronicle reports, their homemade cannonball took an extended journey they weren’t expecting:

  1. It launched over the water barriers
  2. Plowed through the cinder block wall of the bomb disposal facility
  3. Bounced off a hill
  4. Flew another 700 yards toward a house
  5. Bounced on a driveway
  6. Tore a hole through the front door
  7. Raced up the stairs
  8. Ripped through a bedroom wall where people were sleeping
  9. Kept bouncing and crossed 6-lane Tassajara Road
  10. Crushed several tiles of a roof
  11. And finally crashed through the roof of a family minivan that had just parked at home not 10 minutes earlier

Fortunately for the Mythbusters gang, Adam Savage and Jamie Hyneman took out insurance for exactly such an incident.

Click HERE to see photos of the cannon’s damage.


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