During my “Hate at 8” segment I got a text at our text in line that shocked me. Marina from Fremont hates when her boyfriend tries to hook up… at the Build-A-Bear workshop.. What?! Scope out these other really interesting places to get down with your bad selves!

10. Port-A-Potty at Outside Lands: especially if it’s been a long, hot day. Germ stew all up in your bits…grossssss!

9. The Hilltop Mall in Richmond: This mall is grimeeeey! I mean, seriously, they have a tattoo shop inside this mall. Next to what I’m guessing is a happy-endings massage parlor.

8. The Jelly Belly Factory in Fairfield: It’s not even the burnt sugar smell, it’s the fact that it’s probably SO STICKY in there. Ew. Super unsanitary.

7. The Rodeo Library: I understand the need for a little educated fun but this place is not only ghetto, but it’s not efficient. The place isn’t even open everyday!

6. The Oakland Court House: I know it’s awesome to finally be off parole, but screwing around in the court house or surrounding areas may not be the best way to celebrate… may get you sentenced all over again.

5. Ice Cream Truck: This is all kinds of odd, how does one even do this? How do you stand the cold! And the music… ugh.

4. Inside the Castle at Scandia in Fairfield: You know.. where the golf ball goes… when you’re playing mini-golf. It’s not nearly big enough for pants-less parties.

3. The Walnut Creek Evangelical Friends Church: It’s just WEIRD to get down at church. Just because Madonna is into it doesn’t mean it’s cool.

2. The Ball Pit at Chuck E. Cheese in Pinole: DUDE! That’s seriously so gross! Little snotty kids sweat and drool all over those plastic balls. It’s the worst idea you’ve ever had. Sanitize yourself. Forever.

1. Planned Parenthood, you know the one off of E. Evelyn in Sunnyvale: I’m not sure if this is the dumbest or smartest thing I’ve ever heard. Probably weirdest, for sure.


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