Some ladies blew up our text line with bad date stories this weekend and I realized that some dudes need a refresher course on working their charm to turn on the ladies and I’m always happy to help!

10. When you talk to her, use her name. I mean what I said there, it’s proven that women like to hear their name and it  peaks their interest in what you have to say while making them feel important.

9. Be spontaneous in all aspects of life and especially in your dating life. I like when I can’t predict you, it’s exciting and important to a fiery passion. Just don’t be crazy.

8. Dress Well! Have your own OG style and keep true to yourself! Take it from Ryan Gosling and George Clooney, two of the foxiest men in town.

7. If you love a girl, tell her why! Anyone can say, “I Love You” but a real man can tell her why, when, how and in which ways.

6. Use humor! Be funny and caring – and don’t forget to keep things light hearted and fun! Need pointers? Check Paul Rudd here, he’s big pimpin!

5. Surprise her with stuff, flowers, a high-five, a little poem – anything from your heart! Be adorable and you shall be rewarded!

4. Give her a loving massage. Women are stressed these days and if you can give her just five minutes at ease she’ll fall deeply, madly in love with you. Maybe.

3. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Ladies cannot stand a man who says things to get her in bed, especially if he doesn’t even kinda mean them. Don’t be skeezy!

2. Wine and dine your lady and be a gentleman! Chivalry doesn’t have to be a zombie if you bring it back to life, even if it’s as small as opening the door for her.

1. The number one way to turn your girl on is not to be too eager! Women can’t stand a man who rushes her through dinner for dessert. Good things come to those who wait, those who don’t go home alone.


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