Wow, this was one of the most viewed pages on of 2011!  Thank you all for supporting our amazing Bay Area music scene.  Here are the results for my “Top 10 ‘Other’ Local Bands” music poll. –Miles The DJ

Remember, the reason why I’m calling them “Other” local bands is because they were all brought to my attention from this local music poll some weeks back.  You guys clicked “other” and turned me on to some great local talent.  I will post the results from that first poll next week.. Some of these bands may even find a spot.  But right now, it’s all about the “other” bands.

Livermore’s The Growing Room won this easily.  With over 4,000 votes (86 percent of them being “5 Stars”)

Keep clicking ahead to the next page to see how well the rest of the bands did.  Remember, these are all voted for BY YOU!

#10: KIWI TIME (San Francisco)
111 votes (6% being 5 STARS)

#9: PICTURE ME BROKEN (Redwood City)

151 votes (28% being 5 STARS)

#8: HANDSHAKE (Novato)
242 votes (43% being 5 STARS)

#7: DOE EYE (San Francisco)

165 votes (46% being 5 STARS)

#6: FLIPSYDE (Oakland)
214 votes (46% being 5 STARS)

#5: TOKYO RAID (San Francisco)
283 votes (47% being 5 STARS)

#4: THE TRIMS (San Jose)

225 votes (51% being 5 STARS)

#3: OUR VINYL VOWS (Petaluma)
330 votes (53% being 5 STARS)

#2: RIN TIN TIGER (San Francisco)
1,961 votes (85% being 5 STARS)

#1: THE GROWING ROOM (Livermore)
4,037 votes (86% being 5 STARS)

Miles The DJ
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Comments (4)
  1. THE TRIMS are still numero uno in my book guys

  2. thank you Miles for including us in this poll! and thank YOU to all of the people who helped get us in second place and all of the nice comments you left us!

    stream our entire EP here for free:

  3. Thank you very much who voted for Kiwi Time. If you haven’t heard about us, check out our page!/KiwiTime?sk=app_2405167945

  4. Allison x says:

    Hey Miles, Did you ever post the revised top 40 local bands?

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