img 4676 Green Day Not So Secret Show Review

Photo By Lizzy

As many have heard by now, Green Day played a “secret” show yesterday at the Tiki Bar in Costa Mesa for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. It was scheduled to be on a first come first serve basis, however the city did not want thousands of people showing up and threatened to cancel the show. For that reason, the night before, Green Day’s official website announced that they would be sold online at 1pm, they sold out in mere seconds, but that did not stop die hard fans from waiting in line in hopes of getting in when word got out there were 50 extra tickets for those on standby.

Police and security then told everyone there was no chance to get in, even though a large amount of the crowd in the bar left after just a few of the first songs. Then there were reports from numerous fans, that some people got inside “for the right price”, a few paid off people with hundreds of dollars, so much for charity, that money was not going to the foundation. There were people who drove form Texas, Arizona, and Minnesota who were too late to receive the online notice who should have been let in, but by the end of the last three songs security brought in the rest of the crowd. I’m all for charity, however, with the large amount of people that left during the show, the facility could have easily let in the true fans that would have stayed until the end and donated to the cause instead of paying off people. Green Day played 20 brand new songs that I would describe as a return to their original 90’s roots, Billie Joe even sported his original short curly hair cut from back in the day. They then took requests form the crowd and played songs like ‘Welcome to Paradise’ and ‘Saint Jimmy’. The stage was smaller than two compact cars put together. Without the fancy stage lighting and pyrotechnics, the band still proves they are true musicians and don’t need it.

Full set list:

1. Nuclear Family (Played Twice)

2. Stay The Night

3. Too Young To Die

4. Old Love

5. Crushing Bastards

6. Little Boy Named Train

7. Trouble Maker

8. Sweet 16

9. Wow, That’s Loud

10. 8th Avenue Serenade

11. Ashley

12. Gabriella

13. Wild One

14. It’s Fuck Time (Foxboro Hot Tubs cover)

15. Stray Heart

16. Last Gang In Town


17. Amy

18. Goodbye to Romance (Ozzy Osbourne cover)

19. Welcome To Paradise

20. Burnout

21. Murder City

22. J.A.R. (Jason Andrew Relva)

23. Only Of You

24. Hitchin’ a Ride

25. St. Jimmy

26. Minority


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