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BFD is just a few days away, so get your tickets and get ready to rock out with us at Shoreline on Sunday.  To make sure you are all set for the festival, we’ve put together the answers to our most frequently asked BFD questions for ya. Read on to find out what you can and can’t bring, how to get to the show, how to score autographs and how to plan out your Big F’in Day!

Where & when is BFD?
BFD is this Sunday, June 5th at Shoreline in Mountain View, RAIN OR SHINE!

What happens if it rains?
The show will go on, rain or shine. Bring a poncho just in case!

Where can I find out who is playing at this year’s festival?
Head to the BFD page here for our 2011 lineup, festival info and more.

What time does the music start?
Festival doors open at 11am. Music starts at 11am in the Subsonic Tent, 11:30am on the Local Band Stage, 12noon on the Bud Light Festival Stage and 6pm on the Main Stage!

When does the show end?
The show will wrap up around 11pm.

What’s up with parking?
Shoreline provides lots of parking – just follow the signs as you approach the Shoreline to the amphitheater parking lots. There is a parking fee, so bring some cash! Get driving directions and parking info here.

What can I bring into Shoreline?
Items allowed at Shoreline include: disposable or digital point-n-shoot cameras, small bags or backpacks, ponchos or rain coats, seat cushions, snack or picnic food in one clear, plastic gallon size bag (one per person), and factory sealed bottled water (one per person). Note: These guidelines are subject to change. Inspections: Guests are subject to bag searches and various levels of screening subject to artist or management discretion. Photography: Point and shoot digital cameras are allowed when approved by the artist.

What NOT to bring: alcoholic beverages, cans, weapons, laser pointers, frisbees, umbrellas, professional and DSLR (removable lens) cameras, video and audio recording devices, laser pointers, sharp or dangerous items (weapons, knives, spiked items, chains, fireworks, and mace), lawn furniture (including lawn chairs), hard-sided coolers and picnic baskets.   More Shoreline info can be found here:

Can I meet my favorite LIVE 105 DJs?
Yes! We’ll be broadcasting live at BFD in front of Lucky’s all day. Stop by to meet the LIVE 105 team and snag LIVE 105 gear at the LIVE 105 Action Team tent!

Can I get an autograph from my favorite bands?
Yep. The autograph booth will be located right next to our broadcast area by Lucky’s in the main pavilion area. Band autograph times will be listed there.

Are set times available?
You can get set times at the door to BFD or by downloading the FREE BFD app to your iPhone here.

I have a general admission/lawn ticket. What does that mean?
Your GA/lawn ticket gets you into BFD and give you access to all four stages at the festival. The Local Band Stage, Subsonic Tent, and Bud Light Festival stages are all standing-room-only so you can arrive early for your favorite bands and stake out a great place to watch their sets! GA tickets also give you access to the lawn area for the main stage bands so you can chill out and watch the show.

Where can I get something to eat / drink at the show?
Concession stands and carts are located throughout the festival site. You’ll need a wristband (available at the ID check stations near the entrance) to purchase alcohol, so bring your ID if you’re 21+. Bringing your own alcohol is not allowed.

Is there a preparty for BFD this year?
Yes! Club BFD is the official festival pre-party on Saturday, June 4th at Mezzanine. The show features Surfer Blood, Innerpartysystem, The Vaccines and DJ Aaron Axelsen.  Click here for all the details + ticket info.

See you at BFD!

Comments (41)
  1. Chandler says:

    What happens if its raining

  2. Jess says:

    Is there reentry if you need to leave and come back?

    1. mindy says:

      Hi Jess,
      Sorry, there are no Ins and Outs at BFD. Once you’re in, you’re in, so bring everything you need for the day with you!

  3. Michelle says:

    There’s supposed to be a storm leading right up to the day of BFD, so it’ll be raining and cold 😦 is it going to be on no matter what?

  4. Marshall says:

    Local Band Stage… the place to be – my favorite part of BFD!

  5. G.A.W.N. says:

    are you guys honestly gonna go on with the show in the rainy thunderstorm that’s coming to Mountain View this weekend?

  6. Amber says:

    And the rain plan is??…

  7. walt says:

    i am concerned about the weather. it will rain sunday. i paid good money thru stubhub , like i do every bfd..are all the stages set up for bad weather? will you let us know online if its cancelled?

    1. mindy says:

      Hi Walt,
      BFD is scheduled to take place rain or shine, so bring a poncho get ready to rock out in the rain if the weather turns gray!

  8. anna says:

    Will an email be sent out ahead of time with the set times like last year? I don’t own an iPhone.

  9. grace says:

    what happens if it rains? could it be like moved to a different day or whats going on?

  10. mgx says:

    What happens if it rains?????

    1. mindy says:

      If it rains, the show goes on! Bring a poncho!

  11. Rense says:

    I find it really weird that set times are only available in advance through an iPhone app. Could you please just post them online for the rest of us who bought a ticket but no iPhone??

  12. Jenny says:

    My BD is being a dick and will not be able to watch my 2 year old. Can I bring her? And if so do I need to buy her a ticket?

    1. mindy says:

      Jenny, your little one doesn’t need a ticket. 2 and under free with parent.

    2. :) says:

      remember to bring ear protection for your little one!

  13. matt says:

    Will they stop letting people in at a certain time? If I just want to see the later bands and say I show up at 4?

    1. mindy says:

      Matt, 4pm will be fine. The doors will still be open at that time.

  14. SWU says:

    I cant make it early in the morning, can I still get in to see the main stage bands around 5pm? Or is there a time when they dont let people in?

  15. Larry says:

    Does anyone remember what parking prices have been like in the past? I checked the website and it says paid parking is $40 but I know that’s not right for BFD.

  16. Alex says:

    Honestly, why must the set times be only for those with iphones or itunes? Can’t you guys just put up the artists set times on the website?

  17. Monique says:

    I get that we can “wear a poncho if there is rain,” however the forecast is for THUNDERSTORMS, which a poncho does not protect against? It would not be surprising if several of the bands cancelled.

  18. Dizzle says:

    I can’t open the link. How much is non VIP parking?

    1. Dizzle says:

      And to add, are we allowed to bring blankets and mats? “Blankets allowed for most shows”

    2. Amy says:

      Parking is $15, VIP parking (if there’s any left) is $40. I just called Shoreline.

  19. Alex says:

    can you get tickets at the door? and if so how much?

  20. Michelle says:

    Will there be a place to fill up a reusable water bottle there or do I need to bring a sealed plastic one?

  21. Mimma says:

    Can you buy tickets at the door?

    1. mindy says:

      As of Saturday night, there are only a handful of tickets left for BFD. We can’t guarantee that they will be available at the door to the show.

  22. BonBon says:

    Does anyone know if sleeping bags are allowed inside?

  23. Jessica says:

    So how does the Autograph thing work? Do we bring stuff? Do we get pictures? And what Bands??

  24. Adam says:

    It’ s my first time at BFD, correct me if i’m wrong.
    The subsonic is going to be inside a (big) tent, right ?
    If so, no need to worry about rain at least for subsonic attendees ?

    1. mindy says:

      Adam, yes Subsonic Tent is an actual covered tent. Bring something to protect you from rain in any case (poncho, rain jacket) as you’ll probably do a little walking around.

  25. Adam says:

    Can’t access the online BFD tickets, need 1 ticket, any help ??

    1. mindy says:

      A few tickets are available at the door, best bet is to get here early and try to get one!

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