mumfordhouse385 [Exclusive Performance]  Mumford & Sons Rock The Coachella House Despite Their Improper Summer Attire

Marcus Mumford (Photo: Alex Rauch)

Our friends in L.A. are on site all weekend covering the Coachella Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California. Stay tuned right here for the latest news, reviews, photos, and videos!

Marcus Mumford and his band [lastfm link_type=”artist_info”]Mumford & Sons[/lastfm] stopped by our Coachella House today, while the sun exploded all over the Coachella Valley. They performed despite their obviously pale complexions and the sweltering triple-digit heat.

L.A. radio personality Stryker started the interview by taking the time to compliment the band on the fact that they have been playing ”The Cave” non-stop since they exploded onto the music scene. He explained that watching them perform was magical, because each time the band plays the song they manage to do it like it’s their first time with, “So much intensity and enthusiasm.”

Which lead to likely, the most important question of the day: Does the band tire of playing the same songs over and over?

Marcus acted like the mouthpiece, explaining that when they write songs they make the sort of music that they not only want to play but want to hear: “I don’t think we would play them every day if we didn’t [like them].”

Winston was asked about his now-famous yellow trucker hat. Stryker mentioned the it should be put on display in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Winston goes on to explain how the hat was adopted as his signature headwear. For his interesting explanation, watch the video interview above.

[pullquote quote=”The weather, that’s a good thing about L.A. But it’s a bit big and a bit too many cars.” credit=”Ben on being in L.A.”]When asked what they thought about L.A., Ben’s response was, “The Weather, that’s a good thing about L.A. But it’s a bit big and a bit too many cars.”

Music wasn’t the only thing on the band’s mind, as Marcus announced during his set that he’d cut a pair of his jeans into shorts earlier in the day to deal with the blistering heat.

But the real revelation was when Stryker noticed that the two had essentially made the same fashion choice saying, “I felt a little cool cause we have the same pants on.”  Marcus seemed to really enjoy this and had Stryker stand up and check him out.

They boys from Mumford & Sons about how far they’ve come since making the move onto the American music scene and Ted explained that they made their start at Hotel Cafe in Hollywood:

We played for about 15 minutes and it was awesome.

But now the biggest difference according to Ted is that “The crowd is getting, bigger and bigger.”

And why shouldn’t it.  They guys are amazing and talented and we expect to see them way more often, even if it’s playing perfect sets while burning in the sun like a vampire.


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