fosterthepeopleperformance [Exclusive Performance] Foster The People Pump Up The Coachella House

Mark Foster of Foster The People (Photo: Alex Rauch)

Our friends in L.A. are on site all weekend covering the Coachella Music and Arts Festival in Indio, California. Stay tuned right here for the latest news, reviews, photos, and videos!

[pullquote quote=”It’s been a wild ride for sure.” credit=”Mark Foster”]Mark Foster, Mark Pontius and Cubbie Fink are Foster The People, and they’ve been humbled. These three musicians are blown away that they’ve made it from the local to the big leagues at a sprint-like pace. Why? It must be the music. And, a rabid fan base probably helps too.

Day two of Coachella 2011 is bringing the heat, literally. Foster The People took the stage around 10:30am under a scorching sun. But, the crowd assembled at the Coachella House ignored the weather and soaked in the gorgeous surroundings and amazing music.

Kat: “How spent are you? I just heard about your schedule. You just flew in from England, correct?”

Foster The People: “Yeah, we just go in yesterday.”

K: “You’re toast.You have no idea what day it is right.”

FTP: “No, not really.”

[pullquote quote=”There’s a learning curve for sure…but we just kind of show up and play music.”]K: “Do you know who the president is?”

FTP: “Uhhh, president?”

K: “You’re one of those bands that things took off really fast for…I usually play a song on Locals for almost a year and then stuff starts happening…You guys were llke “Boom” out of the gate.”

FTP: “Yeah, it’s been a wild ride for sure. We were here last year just hanging out watching bands play. We were a brand new band. We were just trying to figure things out and now we’re playing this year. A lot has happened in a year.”

“There’s a learning curve for sure…but we just kind of show up and play music. Just keep it about the music. It’s simple.”


K: “Now you guys are playing in your own backyard–Coachella. What does that mean for you guys?”

FTP: “Yeah, it’s pretty wild. Coachella is always the holy grail of music growing up in Southern California. So to be able to play is just insane.”

Record comes out May 24th.

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vizio logo 385 [Exclusive Performance] Foster The People Pump Up The Coachella House

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