tgiving1 5 Things to do for Thanksgiving OrphansDid mom go crazy and disappear? Dad a deadbeat and haven’t heard from him since you were 14? This time of year is dicey if you don’t have much of a family Thanksgiving tradition, only have the funds to go home for either Thanksgiving or Christmas, or just don’t have a family to go to. Either way, you always have us at LIVE 105 to harass so feel free to give a shout at 1-800-696-1053 or text at 415.478.LIVE. Now here are some other things to keep you occupied and it won’t even cost you much. You won’t have to I sit in a crusty diner by yourself to eat a $7.95 turkey dinner then go to a dive bar infested with pervy old men missing teeth, crackheads, and really drunk Irish dudes.

1. Kick it with an elderly person who would otherwise be alone for the holiday. They’re bound to have endless stories and you know they don’t hold back! Deliver meals and gifts and visit with one or two elders in their home in San Francisco. Little Brothers is still looking for volunteers to visit & deliver meals to the elderly.

2. Host an “Orphan’s Thanksgiving”. Surely, there must be other people you know like you(if not, be careful with soliciting on craigslist or yelp). Nothing says thanks than holiday cheer with friends who won’t subject you to continuous face pinching and listening to Uncle George hit on girlfriend. Worst case, hit up some of the open restaurants around like Tommy’s Joynt in SF. They even promote their history of “Welcome Stranger” decals above the front doors that beg you to come inside and eat “Where Turkey is King.”

3. Holiday “Spring Cleaning”- Clean out some of the crap from your closet that you don’t wear and/or don’t use. Be your own Santa and hand some of it out with friends to the homeless.

4. Check out the Turkey Trail Trot races that are going on in San Francisco and San Jose. It may be too late to register, but you can still check it out and maybe make some new friends to mooch off of.

5. SLEEP AND BE LAZY. Seriously. Probably, besides Christmas, Thanksgiving is the only other time where no one will bug you so you can play video games all day in your underwear eating frozen pizza.

Add your ideas in the comments section and Happy Thanksgiving!


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