davey3851 Davey Havok Talks Blaqk Audio

Davey Havok photo by: white menace

Davey Havok of electronic duo Blaqk Audio stopped by the Live 105 studio to chat with Soundcheck host Aaron Axelsen about their new material and their highly anticipated return to the Bay Area.

Fresh from rehearsals in Los Angeles, Havok brought news of the duo’s completed second studio album. Havok and fellow AFI band member Jade Puget have recorded 33-35 brand new tracks for the album, titled Bright Black Heaven.

Blaqk Audio was conceived around 2000. The two didn’t find time to release a record until 2007. Their debut CexCells reached #14 on the Billboard 200 and produced the single “Stiff Kittens.” The Marc Web directed video for the only single from the album was never released. “We made a music video for the CexCells album but it didn’t really come out the way we were hoping it would,” explains the singer on Soundcheck. The clip, which was reportedly filmed in Web’s basement, remains unfinished.

blaqk audio Davey Havok Talks Blaqk Audio

Photo via: Last.fm

While material for Bright Black Heaven is complete, Havok and Puget are still looking for a record label to distribute the album after a previous deal fell through. “President’s of record labels are getting fired left and right these days,” says Havok. “… it’s really causing quite the commotion especially if you’re trying to create a new relationship and put out some music.” Havok further explains that the album is ready as soon as the duo “figure out who we’re going to partner up with to put it out.”

In the meantime, Blaqk Audio are readying themselves for a main stage performance at Live 105’s Spookfest 2010 in San Francisco. This marks the 3rd time Blaqk Audio has performed on their home turf.

Listen to Aaron Axelsen’s full interview with Davey Havok on Soundcheck:

Watch Blaqk Audio’s interview with Jared from 2007:

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