Blur vs Oasis

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I just unearthed an old cassette tape that holds the recordings of the only known radio interview to ever take place between two britpop juggernauts: BLUR and OASIS, together in the SAME studio!

Back in the Summer of 1994 a colossal war that dominated every British music mag was raging over in the UK that pitted Manchester’s OASIS up against London’s BLUR and this press-fuelled battle had reached its apex by the time they both found their way to the Bay Area for back-to-back shows in September.
 BLUR VS OASIS: the lost Live 105 interview!
I was an intern at the time for EMI records and also Live 105, and was in charge of driving around BLUR for the day doing press and radio interviews as they were in town for a show at The Fillmore with fellow brits PULP as openers. My best pal and roommate Adrian Moreira had a similar position over at Sony Music and was quarterbacking a local press run with OASIS who ironically enough, were playing their FIRST show in San Francisco at Bottom Of The Hill the night after BLUR.
Being young opportunists trying to break into the music biz and wanting to capitalize on a potential big press-worthy story, Adrian and I secretly worked out a plan with then Live 105 Music Director and night DJ Steve Masters to separately bring BLUR and OASIS to the Live 105 studios for an on-air interview….  unbeknownst to EACH band that the other would be there.
LIVE 105: Blur and Oasis in studio
I’ll always and indelibly remember that glare Damon gave me as I escorted BLUR into the studio that already harbored a couple of raucous brothers with the last name of Gallagher.
After the interview BLUR and I picked up Jarvis Cocker of PULP at his hotel and then drove over to Bottom Of The Hill to watch OASIS and BRIAN JONESTOWN MASSACRE play to a capacity crowd.
To this day I still have no idea how everyone fit into my piece of crap 1988 broken down Jetta.
-Aaron Axelsen, Live 105 Music Director, San Francisco

Comments (11)
  1. Patrick Oswald says:

    too think this was all happening before I Was even a year old is insane.

  2. Eddie says:

    That is an awesome story. Way to go on that one

  3. gogil says:

    after reading this, i find myself wanting to listen to the conversation that took place. like your beat jetta, bottom of the hill is not a venue that would hold 10% percent of the people that would be in line waitting to get in outside now. share the tapes

  4. Spud says:

    Cigarettes and alcohol in the studio…CLASSIC!

  5. chas says:

    Classic Live 105

  6. Tommy Wood says:

    The full interview is also on the DVD “The Making of (What’s the Story?) Morning Glory!”

  7. MrEricSir says:

    Awesome, these were the golden years of Live 105.

  8. Renan says:

    OMG, this interwiew is just FANTASTIC! I was just a kid in 1994, three years old, and grew up listening to Oasis.
    Its fascinating to see how they could mean more than a band for the fans.. more than music.
    My personality and all my good memories, it has Oasis printed on that.
    Cheers from Brasil and thank you very much for that interwiew;

  9. Oscar Lucca says:

    At last, I found it.Thank you !

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