Pearl Jam

Pearl Jam are going to be on SNL this weekend.   Set your Tivo’s.

Did I ever tell you the story of when I saw Eddie Vedder drink the contents of someone else’s stomach? Swear to God, it happened.  It was at an early Lollapalooza (1992 ) and there was a guy named Jim Rose who did a “Circus Side Show” (he still does it) and they would get up on stage in between bands and Mr. Rose’s assistant would drink a beer and Malox. Then they would put a clear tube into the guy’s stomach and pump out the contents into a glass. Pretty soon, rock stars are daring each other to drink the “Beer Bile”  it on stage! I was standing side stage getting ready to interview Eddie Vedder when he hops up on stage and actually drinks the “beer bile!”  I t was like a peristaltic chain reaction of gagging rippled threw the crowd.  Seriously! It was all I could do to NOT blow chow! Eddie apperantly did.

He did show up for the interview though. I remember it being a good one. Here’s footage from Pearl Jam that DAY!!!  Have a great weekend! XO Kat


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